Registered Cybersecurity Apprenticeship

Registered Cybersecurity Apprenticeship (NICE – National Initiative Cybersecurity Education)
• Earn College Credit
• Get paid while learning
• GI Bill – Veteran can get paid from VA and apprenticeship
• Individual makes $300,000 more over career after doing an apprenticeship
• 2,000 hours minimum over 12-18 months and 140 training hours per year
• Will receive with cybersecurity certification (CompTIA A+)
• Currently High School/College model (12-18 months)(CompTIA)
• Moving toward mid-career model (24-36 months)(CompTIA Security+)

A recording of the webinar can be found here.

The slides used during the presentation can be found here.


Interested in the Program?

You need to contact your local state’s agency that handles registered apprenticeships.  I’ve started compiling a list of states below.  Of course, if your state isn’t listed then you can google and search.

California San Diego area:

Arizona: Arizona Department of Economic Security

Illinois: Illinois Department of Economic Security         

Strategy for Illinois Veterans:


NC -Wake County:

For More information about Registered Apprenticeship:



Federal Resource Paybook:

Strategy for Employers:

Strategy for Community Colleges:




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